Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Books to Trade

Trading to you:

Ryan McGinley - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (worth about $150)
Lewis Baltz - Rule Without Exception (worth about $75)
Dan Holdsworth - [Steidl/Photoworks monograph](in wraps, worth about $225)
Evidence - Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan [reprint] (unopened, worth about $250)

As for the precise condition of these books, I'll spare you a full description unless requested.

In return I'm looking for the following books. Frankly, I'm not super concerned about condition as long there's nothing distracting about the viewing experience. Hopefully we can work out something equitable. If you want any of the above books and have any of the below, let me know!

Garry Winogrand - 1964 or Zoo (reprint)
William Henry Fox Talbot - (Phaidon monograph hardback)
Alec Soth - Dog Days
David Hockney - Photoworks
David Goldblatt - Intersections or Some Afrikaners Revisited
Mitch Epstein - Sweet Earth
Taliban - (Wrth Publications)
Atget - John Szarkowski
Weegee's World - Miles Barth
Mark Steinmetz - South Central or Greater Atlanta
Lee Friedlander - Like a One-eyed Cat

This book trade is valid as long as this post stays on the blog.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Paul Shambroom : Picturing Power

Mike and I met up in Arizona to discuss Paul Shambroom's book Picturing Power. Be warned, this video is half an hour! We had no idea that we're such slow talkers or maybe Paul Shambroom just brings out a storm of words! Nonetheless, it's a great chance to hear our lovely voices and I hope to try this experiment again in the future.